Czech Pre-Intermediate course is for students who passed the Beginner 2 or False Beginner course or those with basic knowledge (e.g. simple sentences in the present, past and future tenses in everyday situations, active knowledge of perfect and imperfect verbs).

Description of the Pre-Intermediate course:

  • lessons focus on a practical use of Czech in ordinary, daily situations
  • focus on practicing correct pronunciation of Czech speech sounds, speaking, writing, reading, and listening

At the end of the course, I will:

  • be able to express my opinion and attitude in simple sentences
  • be able to create a structured CV, short instructions, and enter personal data in applications and forms
  • understand short informative notices (both written and spoken)
  • be able to create a letter or an email
  • be able to hold a conversation on various topics
  • be able to describe things around me and relationships among people

In terms of grammar, I will be able to use:

  • singular locative
  • conditionals and conditional clauses
  • adverbs and comparison of adjectives
  • singular dative and phrases with dative
  • instrumental
  • imperative

Topics for conversation:

  • CV
  • weather
  • clothes
  • relationships among people
  • communication at the station and post office

Length of the course

  • 16 two-hour lessons (= 90 min) if not stated otherwise

Materials the Pre-Intermediate course is based on:

  • New Czech Step by Step (lessons 14-20), Čeština pro cizince (selected chapters), materials provided by the teacher
New Czech Step by Step

New Czech Step by Step

Dates & registration:

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Too difficult for you? Try the prior Beginner 2 course.
Too easy for you? Try the follow-up Intermediate 1 course.

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