Reference od našich studentů

„I would like to recommend the language school Correct and especially a teacher who instructed our group in the two courses I was attending, Martinkova Eva.“

– Seagull S. Ben Yahud (celá reference)

„Czech is really a very difficult language but I am very grateful to Correct who is taking initiative to teach Czech in practical way and really doing excellent job.“

– Prateek Chauhan (celá reference)

„Hi Eva,

I just wanted to tell you that, for the first time ever, someone said to me „You speak very good Czech.“ This was at the Student Agency ticket counter. I think the winning sentence was „Chtěla bych listek do Prahy.“ I completed almost the whole transaction in Czech. It was exciting!

Happy Labour Day!

– Yvonne Guzman (celá reference)

„I never thought before I could use one of the most complex and difficult language of Europe, but Eva Martinková and the Correct Language School changed my opinion and got the Czech language liked by me.“

– Viktor Vincze (celá reference)

„It was an awesome nightmare learning Czech, because it is a painfully difficult language full of weird constructions. But thanks to my lovely teacher and her charming boss I enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun learning (and I had also a lot of fun drinking pivo with them, everything should be said).“

– Paola Blas Ferrezuelo