First time on Czech for Foreigners?

The „Czech for Foreigners“ web aims to provide valuable information for everyone, who is interested in studying Czech language in Brno, Prague or Pilsen, i.e. for those who want to attend an appropriate Czech course or take advantage of Czech individual lessons to master or learn Czech.

The Czech version of „Czech for Foreigners“ web focuses on Czech speaking applicants or foreigners‘ assistants who are searching for a Czech course in Brno, Prague or Pilsen for their friends, colleagues etc.

Where can you study Czech with us?

At the moment we run Czech group courses in Brno only, in Prague and Pilsen we teach in companies or at students‘ places. Czech online lessons you can enjoy from anywhere in the world.

Why learn Czech with us?

We have been offering a whole package of services in the field of Czech language training and tutoring. We have repeatedly had the widest offer of Czech for foreigners courses in Brno. Our Czech courses are divided into 5 levels, consisting of 10 following one another courses of general Czech language. Furthermore, 7 different types of Czech courses are offered, together with Czech individual lessons and Czech Skype lessons.

For our students of Czech language we organise different events, where they can practise their Czech in different situations, while playing games etc. During these events our students learn more about the Czech culture, habits, traditions, our country in general and similar topics that are not discussed on the courses.

If you are having any questions concerning Czech training, our English speaking course coordinators will be happy to assist you. Our classrooms can be found in the very centre of Brno. However, we do also provide Czech classes in Prague (individual and in-company Czech courses). You can also take advantage of our translation or interpreting service.