These translations are sometimes referred to as official translations, certified translations, or “translations with the stamp”.

This category of translations include documents required by various authorities, courts, police etc., such as birth certificates, diplomas, school reports, copies of the criminal record, sentences etc.

In order to provide the translation, it is necessary to create a notarially certified (notarized) hard copy of the original document and bind it with the finished translation. In case you cannot provide the hard copy, we are ready to have it prepared for you.


No two texts are exactly the same, therefore, we calculate each translation individually. To get an idea about our pricing you can visit our translation department site.

Price quotation

We will be happy to prepare a NON-BINDING price quotation FREE OF CHARGE. Just send us an e-mail and attach the document you need to translate, and do not forget to let us know about the deadline you require. You will receive the quote as soon as possible.

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Did you know that…

…legal texts are translated by certified translators appointed by courts? These translators also provide a legal declaration with the required stamp, and these two items verify the official character of the document.

These translated documents then meet the requirements of state authorities for translations of foreign language texts for legal acts not only in the Czech Republic, but abroad as well.

What about the certified copies? When do I need them?

Prior to bringing an official document, university diploma, birth certificate or any other important document to be translated, consider providing us with a certified hard copy of your document instead.

The translators will bind the copy with the official translation so usually they work with a certified copy, not with the original.

A notarially certified copy costs 30-70 CZK and this service is available at any branch of Česká pošta (Czech Post) with a Czech Point service provided (more details) or by notaries or municipalities.