Czech summer courses are suitable for those who want to work on their Czech language during the summer period.

We have prepared three types of Czech summer courses: 1) intensive, 2) non-intensive and 3) online.

1) Intensive Czech Summer Courses 2023 (Brno)

Intensive Czech summer courses are designed to provide our students with as much knowledge of Czech language as possible during a very short time. These Czech courses are usually one or two weeks long. Intensive Czech summer courses are the right choice for you if you are free during the summer and want/have to practise or learn Czech.

2) Non-intensive Czech Summer Courses 2023 (Brno)

Non-intensive Czech summer courses (all summer long) are held regularly during the summer months. These Czech courses are popular among our students who attend other Czech courses within the year and want to stay in touch with Czech language even in summer.

3) Online Czech Summer Courses 2023

Online Czech summer courses are for everyone. Thanks to our online Czech courses you can study Czech from anywhere in the world. Join us.


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Placement test

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