Why Czech lessons in your company?

  • The staff members might work more effectively if they were able to communicate better in the Czech language and if they knew more about Czech manners necessary for a better communication with clients or prospective clients.
  • The staff members would feel the company appreciates the work and supports their stay and development.
  • It is simply investing some money in the development of abilities of the staff members (tax-deductible) instead of paying a high income tax at the end of the year?
  • Your company can cover lessons of Czech also for individual staff members. Even covering a part of the tuition is a good idea because employees are usually more motivated to learn if they pay a part themselves.

We provide:

  • analysis of clear needs (i.e. do your employees need a certain terminology or just general communication skills? What is the level that needs to be achieved? How long would it take to get them there?)
  • placement into groups according to the level of each individual
  • reports on individual’s level as a precondition of relevant progress monitoring
  • attendance monitoring and reports
  • progress tests
  • experienced and qualified teachers
  • verbal evaluation of each individual employee
  • help with the selection and purchase of study materials with a discount
  • possible individual lessons

Price & Non-binding price quotation

For a quotation of a course tailored for your company needs, please, fill in this form.

Additional fee can be charged if our teacher commutes to places remote from the city centre.