For translations of professional texts, it is very important that each translator is also a professional in the given field, and this is our imperative. Based on individual specialization, translations are divided into the following categories:

Technical translations

Instruction guides, handbooks, revision reports etc.

Business translations

Business correspondence, accounting statements, handbooks, guides, and any business documents.

Economic translations

Tax forms, annual reports etc.

Legal / Certified translations

Contracts, agreements, regulations, norms, legal texts etc.

Translations of presentations

Websites, promotional materials, advertisement flyers, catalogs etc.


No two texts are exactly the same, therefore, we calculate each translation individually. To get an idea about our pricing you can visit our translation department site.

Price quotation

We will be happy to prepare a NON-BINDING price quotation FREE OF CHARGE. Just send us an e-mail and attach the document you need to translate, and do not forget to let us know about the deadline you require. You will receive the quote as soon as possible.

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