Would you like to give an original present? Would some of your relatives or friends be pleased by a gift voucher for a language course or an individual language lesson? Try our voucher for Czech lessons!

When you are wishing someone happy birthday or wishing all the best at any occasion and handing them an envelope, its contents may please them. This time, however, you will choose the gift wisely and the envelope will contain something more valuable than a banknote!

What does the gift voucher look like?

The gift voucher is in a DL format (110×220) so that it looks good and fits an envelope.

Here you can see a sample gift voucher.

How to buy a gift voucher

  • In person at the Correct Language Centre’s office
  • Via e-mail or phone while providing the following information:
    • Your name,
    • Name of the recipient,
    • Value of the voucher,
    • Address of the recipient, if applicable.

How to pay for the voucher

What you can buy a voucher for