After you fill in the Czech placement test, we will know the level of your Czech language knowledge and we will be able to recommend you the right Czech course or to choose you the right teacher  if you are interested in Czech individual lessons.

You can fill in the Czech placement test even just for fun, you do not have to attend any of our Czech for Foreigners courses.

Please follow these rules while filling in the placement test:

  • Make sure you do not spend more than 40 minutes on doing the test.
  • You should not use any dictionary or any other help so that the result accurately reflects your knowledge.
  • Stop filling in and submit the test as soon as the questions are too difficult for you. (Do not guess the answers.)

If you are a complete beginner, there is no need to do the test.

After you fill in the test, it will be automatically sent to our language centre. We will check it and inform you about your level as soon as possible. In case you wish us to recommend you a Czech course which corresponds to your level, we will do so.

Good luck!