On May 23 there was another traditional evening for our students of Czech language. We try to make every Czech night thematic and since on May 1 and 8 the Czech Republic celebrated a significant holiday, we did not have to look for a theme very far. We chose Czech history… or at least fragments of it.

We began with a short presentation to prepare the present students for a team interactive game. It was a brief presentation of Czech history. Really brief! We did not want to end up having to explain everything in great details and we also didn’t want to make a following game too easy for the participants.

After the presentation the game could have started. We divided 14 students that came in two teams. The participants weren’t only from European countries – contestants represented Vietnam, Japan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain, Syria, Egypt, Hungary, USA, Slovenia and Australia. It was just a coincident that we were able to divide teams by gender of the participants. Men called their team Alfa-team and women decided to name themselves Starlets.

The goal of a game dwelled in completion of a puzzle – portrait of a significant Czech historic figure.  Both teams sent a member to answer a questions one at a time. The contestant got a piece of a puzzle for every correct answer. The brave ones who decided to take and answer a question in Czech got two pieces of a puzzle.

The teams had to not only glue given puzzle together, but also write down who the person on the portrait is and briefly describe this person. The women that were a bit faster finished a portrait of  T.G. Masaryk, while men completed picture of Václav Havel. The competition was quit equal and after a competition the representative of the men’s team stated that they wanted to behave as gentlemen and let the girls win. Nobody believed them 🙂

After a congratulations to the victory team (that required one man as a member during the game) it was a time for a movie. We chose the movie Dark Blue World to continue with a historic theme. It tells a story of Czechoslovakian pilots and it was (of course) in Czech with English subtitles. The movie was a big success.

There was a spontaneous move of some participants (and organizers) into a bar close at hand for some friendly drinks and conversation. It is also said that some of involved parties went to a club afterwards and stayed there until4 A.M.

We are very happy about the number of students who participated and we are making plans for another event even now. Can you guess what theme will the next Czech night have?

We already know it! 🙂 You can place your tips in the comments below.

Your teachers Eva and Lída

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