We are very glad you are already our student or probably thinking of becoming one. We really want to appreciate your decision and reward you with a system of  discounts on our Czech courses.

Also, we would like to inform you we accept benefit vouchers (Cafeteria) you might get from your employer. See below what benefit vouchers you can use to pay at our place.


  • follow-up course: 10 %
  • ISIC card holders: 11 %
  • ESN card holders: 15 %
  • MIMSA card holders: 15 %

Employees‘ benefit vouchers:

We accept benefit vouchers from companies mentioned below. Should you have any questions, contact us!


  1. It is not possible to combine any of the above mentioned discounts; the discount can be deducted from the full course fee only!
  2. Discounts do not apply to Czech company courses and Czech individual lessons.
  3. When paying with employee benefit vouchers/cards (Cafeteria), your are not entitled to any discounts.
  4. After having paid a course fee you can’t receive a discount retrospectively.