Czech Intermediate 2 course is intended for students who have passed the Intermediate 1 course or for those with a good knowledge of Czech language. They are able to use all the cases of substantives, adjectives, and pronouns in singular

Intermediate 2 course description:

  • lessons focus on a practical use of Czech in various situations
  • focus on practicing conversation, writing with no grammatical errors, reading and listening

At the end of the course, I will:

  • be able to present myself and my opinion, to constructively oppose others and discuss various topics
  • be able to create applications and fill out forms
  • be able to handle complaints

In terms of grammar, I will be able to use:

  • substantives, adjectives, and pronouns in plural
  • verbal aspect and meaning of prefixes to verbs
  • object structures with accusative and dative
  • passive voice
  • comparison of adjectives and adverbs
  • time conjugations and expressions

Topics for conversation:

  • feasts and traditions
  • sports and games
  • health and lifestyle
  • culture and arts
  • society, values, and us

Length of the course

  • 16 two-hour lessons (= 90 min) if not stated otherwise

Materials the Intermediate 2 course is based on:

  • Česky krok za krokem 2 (chapters 6-10), Čeština pro cizince B1 (selected chapters), materials provided by the teacher, Čeština pro život


Dates & registration:

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Too difficult for you? Try the prior Intermediate 1 course.
Too easy for you? Try the follow-up Upper-Intermediate 1 course.

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