Pre-intermediate 2 Czech course is for students who passed the Pre-intermediate 1 course, or those with knowledge of Czech (present, past and future tenses for everyday situations, adverb formation, comparative and superlative of adjectives, conditionals and conditional clauses, dative, instrumental and local cases).

Description of the Pre-Intermediate course:

  • lessons focus on the practical use of Czech in common daily situations
  • focus on practicing correct pronunciation of Czech sounds, speaking, writing, reading, and listening

At the end of the course, I will:

  • be able to understand orders and bans
  • be able to give and ask for advice and instructions
  • be able to read and write a recipe, express the amount, volume, weight and measures
  • be able to understand job offers and be able to attend a job interview
  • be able to speak about cultural topics, literature and the arts
  • know interesting facts about the Czech Republic, history, geography and language variations

In terms of grammar, I will be able to use:

  • imperative
  • aby-clauses, subordinate clauses with aby, ať and že
  • singular vocative
  • diminutives (dům -> domeček)
  • partitive and possessive genitive
  • plural genitive and nominative of masculine nouns
  • comparison of adverbs (rychle – rychleji – nejrychleji)
  • verbs with the reflexive se and si
  • reflexive passive
  • standard and everyday spoken Czech

Topics for conversation:

  • parents and children, dos and dont’s
  • cooking
  • animals
  • at work, job interview, communication at work
  • culture
  • Czech UNESCO monuments

Length of the course

  • 16 two-hour lessons (= 90 min) if not stated otherwise

Materials the Pre-Intermediate course is based on:

  • Krok za krokem 1 (lessons 19-24), Čeština pro cizince (selected chapters), materials provided by the teacher

Dates & registration:

General Czech courses
Summer Czech courses


Too difficult for you? Try the prior Pre-intermediate 1 course.
Too easy for you? Try the follow-up Intermediate 1 course.

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